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High Quality Value Added Solid Carbide Endmill Micro and Nano size Tools. Drills and Endmills from .0004”to .004”Diameter, standard endmills available to 6mm or .250”. Very high quality endmills, square, corner radius, ball endmills and long reach. 2XD Flat Bottom Drills and .1mm to 1mm 12XD Drills. Coatings Mugen-Coating Premium, Mugen Coating, Mugen Micro Coating, X-Coating, DLC Coating, Diamond Coating. PCD, CBN and Mono Crystalline endmills. Threadmills from thread sizes starting at S0.1mmm. Geometry specific endmills for Aluminum, Plastics, Steels, Stainless, Hi Temp, Titanium and Copper.

Imported through

200 Main Street

P.O. Box 268,

Monroe, CT. 06468



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