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Cardinal Manufacturing

"Filling the Skills Gap One Student at a Time"

Products and Services

From a simple repair job to custom designed and machined parts, Cardinal Manufacturing meets a wide variety of needs for local individuals and businesses as well as for companies located outside of our immediate area.

Repair jobs:
Cardinal Manufacturing has access to metalworking and woodworking tools and performs hundreds of repairs each year for individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Welding - our shop often fixes items needing a new weld including furniture, wagons, hand tools, décor items, trailers, railings, and more.

Woodworking - Cardinal Manufacturing has replaced decking on docks, fixed broken chair legs, repaired shelving units, built custom storage, and more for individuals and organizations.

The student employees of Cardinal Manufacturing have the ability to create designs based upon your specifications for most simple parts. Students are supervised by instructors and have taken prerequisite CAD courses.

(Information on capabilities coming soon)

Custom Manufacturing
(Information on capabilities coming soon)

If you have a specific project in mind or would like to know more about our capabilities, please call and speak with Craig Cegielski at 715-695-2696 x 2032 or e-mail:


Cardinal Manufacturing has a strategic plan in place for continued growth and improved learning opportunities for students and we rely on the kindness and generosity of individuals and businesses to reach our goals. How can you help?

Ongoing needs:
Tours- Do you own or manage a manufacturing company that would consider hosting a student group for a tour? Our Cardinal Manufacturing employees come ready for an in-depth look at your operations and they gain a significant amount of insight about real world employment and manufacturing when they get to see private business operations firsthand.

Presentations- Cardinal Manufacturing is always seeking guest speakers and visitors to our operations. If you have a special topic of interest, a process, or insights to share with our students we find it valuable to bring real world insights to the classroom.

Resource Person/Mentor - From time to time our student project managers or instructors like to reach out to an experienced mentor for advice on a particular project or an in general question about our operations. Some companies also provide career mentoring for our student employees including anything from post-secondary educational track advice, job shadowing, and in some cases part-time employment. Industry professionals often visit our shop to provide on-site advice or to give classes or groups information about their companies or career opportunities.

Materials or Equipment Donations - Businesses often find themselves with leftover raw materials, tools, or a piece of equipment that need a new home. Cardinal Manufacturing has been the fortunate recipient of many of these types of donations over the years. If Cardinal Manufacturing can't use the items you need to move out of your operations it is likely that we know of another in-school manufacturing program who needs to add just exactly what you need to subtract.

Monetary donations - Some items needed by Cardinal Manufacturing are too large for any one donor to provide and can only be accomplished through monetary donations to the program. In an effort to always be improving, Cardinal Manufacturing has a prioritized list of projects and equipment purchases to continue to create a sophisticated program offering meaningful and interesting learning opportunities for students at the same time meeting market demand for manufactured products.

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W23597 US Hwy 10
Strum, WI 54770
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